Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tuesday.  We are supposed to get some more rain this morning and cool temperatures (low 70s which is cool for this time of year.)  We have errands so I probably won't do more that walk through the gardens today.  Maybe take some of the slicing tomatoes that are ripe.

Oh, my--the rain and wind has hit.  I hope it passes over quickly.  We have already dropped our usual trip to the farm market.  It is open air and winds like these make the vendor's canopies dangerous missiles.  My bean tower is swaying drunkenly but so far still upright.

Wednesday.  Supposed to have temps in the low 80s and sun today.  The overnight temps dropped into the mid 50s.  The flooding in other areas not far away (southern Michigan) makes me thankful we are here and not there.  Pictures from Detroit are unbelievable.

I love the title on this Economic Collapse post: "Jobs=Just Over Broke."

I would say a celebration is in order.  As you can probably guess, I am no fan of Monsanto.

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