Thursday, August 21, 2014


We did have a busy day yesterday.  The tomatoes are cooked (about 4 pounds of store bought romas plus 2 pounds from the gardens.  Lavender, stevia and lemon balm in the dehydrator.  I will finish putting the tomatoes through a blender and packaging the sauce in one-pound bags for the freezer.  I need to grind the herbs.  It is wet right now but when it dries off I want to harvest some more spearmint for drying and alcohol extraction.

Nimue Brown at Druid Live posted comments I have thought for some time.  So much of what makes life worth living simply isn't easily measurable.  Unfortunately, what is measurable has taken over the politic/economic discussions here.  We have politicians who think the profit/loss measures that dominate business should be applied to government.  We have businessmen who think the only measure of success in business is the size of the profit--not the health and safety of workers, the welfare of their customers.  And even what we can supposedly measure can be jiggered to give the kind of information politicians and economists want and totally obscure the reality they allegedly measure.

A good quote from Huey Long on Undernews.

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