Sunday, August 3, 2014


We were not impressed with shiso after we cooked it.  It may work well as a flavoring but doesn't as a stand-alone vegetable.  I dried what we didn't cook and will use it as part of tea mixes but I won't plant it again.  I will try something else next year.

I harvested spearmint and put it in a jar with vodka to make a syrup.  It joined the peppermint on my shelf to cure a bit.  I also harvested some hyssop, purple basil, and sweet basil to dry.  Saw some red developing on more tomatoes and on a couple of my peppers.

When I read the headline ("Heatwave taking a toll at fish farms") for this article I thought the story concerned India or Thailand, or Vietnam.  India, especially, has had high temperatures for some time as has a lot of Asia.  Well, I was wrong.  This heatwave is in Finland.

I wonder what the toxin is that is afflicting Toledo's water.  Evidently it is stable in boiling water and boiling will just concentrate it.  And this isn't the first time the algae in Lake Erie has caused a problem.  But most of the news stories don't identify the toxin itself.  Ah, the Daily Mail (UK) identifies the toxin as microcystin and it is a nasty item.

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