Thursday, August 28, 2014


It was dry yesterday and only in the mid 70s.  Same forecast for today.  I hope they are right.  It would be really nice to have two dry, mild days in a row.  I have tomatoes to finish off and get in the freezer and a dehydrator filled with hyssop, sage and peppermint to empty.  I picked a nice bunch of lipstick peppers and the first Cornu di Toro Rosso pepper.  All are chopped up and in the freezer.  The Rosso pepper has a really nice sweet pepper taste that will go well in salads or casseroles.  I have a couple of bigger ones slated for stuffing.  I think our hummingbirds have gone south.  They haven't visited the feeder or explored the cypress vine flowers.

So what am I reading today (in between various chores)?

Tomdispatch (as always) which has a piece by Rebecca Solnit that should strike home to any woman who has found herself in a conversation with a man who simply wants to show off his "expertise" to a (he hopes and expects) is a fawning audience.  Some of them really do need to be kicked in the organ with which they think--an I am not talking about their putative brains.

The Economist's View asks a good question:  When do we start calling this the Greater Depression?  I noticed a snippet on a news program last nigh which said that Bernanke has said that the economic crash of 2007 (which has not fully passed no matter what the boosters say) was worse than the "Great Depression."  So why don't we change the Great Depression to "The Great Depression of the 20th Century" and the "Great Recession" to "The Great Depression of the 21st Century."  Of course, if we have another crash of a similar magnitude we might have to start numbering them.  Unless the Great Depression of the 21 Century last the entire century.

Given that this is round 2, round 1 came last fall with similar results, maybe we should all learn to drink oil because the crops aren't getting to market because the oil shippers take precedence.  I remember 1973 when angry Americans protested the Oil Embargo by telling the Saudis and the rest of OPEC to drink their own oil.  Now our oil companies are essentially telling Americans to do the same--and nobody is protesting.  The situation is actually worse than the article said.  According to last night's account many farmers have full silos with last year's crop.

I wonder where California's 1% are getting the water they are having delivered--at $15k a pop.

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