Sunday, August 10, 2014


I have a dehydrator to empty today.  I harvested a large handful of green beans yesterday and decided to dry them.  I did try a fermented green bean recipe a bit ago but Mom didn't like them.  She doesn't like many fermented foods other than cucumber pickles or pickled beets.  I also picked stevia, peppermint, and spearmint.  I saw a nice bit of lemon balm I should pick so maybe that is a good job for today.

I watered the gardens heavily yesterday.  Everything is very dry.  It feels as though we didn't get all that rain just a bit ago.  And it is really beginning to look like fall.  Some of the trees have more than a hint of autumn color and some of the plants in the containers are starting to show their end of season color. My mind is going through the fall chores and which plants will need to come indoors and when. Overnight temps are running in the low to mid 60s so everything is good for now.  But soon enough that will change.


Quiet weekend so far.  Nothing much to comment on.  Didn't get the lemon balm yet.  On the list for today.

Sometimes Robert Reich comes up with good ideas.  Here is one.

Our own actions coming back to bite us in our collective ass--again.  Didn't we do that a generation ago in Afghanistan and didn't have the same result?

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