Friday, September 26, 2014


Yesterday turned into a lazy day.  I watered inside plants and did just about nothing else.  Let's see if today is different.

I generally try to ignore most of the politics.  I am so totally disgusted by 99% of it.  Unfortunately, it is mid-term silly season now and avoiding the quagmire is impossible.  The Political Wire posted this quote from Joe Klein which reflects my feelings exactly.  And it is worse than Klein describes.  So many of the most despicable ads we see aren't produced by any candidate's campaign.  Instead outsiders with ultra patriotic sounding names, who would support Darth Vader so long as he said he was a Republican (or a Democrat), pollute our airwaves with scurrilous crap.

Here is a new wrinkle in the car loan business which is increasingly a subprime racket.  And these (I can't think of a severe enough epithet so will leave that to you) are about a polite and considerate as many of the collections agents I have read about lately.  In other words--crassly stupid bullies.  Notice the woman with a sick child running a dangerously high fever was not behind on her payments and hadn't been on the two earlier episodes.  And that one woman wound up in a very dangerous, life threatening situation.

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