Monday, September 29, 2014


Expecting another warm and sunny day.  Need to finish off the spearmint in the dehydrator today and, perhaps, cut and dry the peppermint.  Should also get more of the greenhouse cleared and straighten up a bit in the shed.

I noticed that one bit of info each news story concerning the bizarre workplace murder in Oklahoma is the notion that the murderer is "Muslim."  For the most part the news I watch has merely mentioned that and that he had tried to "convert" his co-workers.  But I have to wonder why that is mentioned at all.  I don't hear about the religious affiliation (or lack of) for other perpetrators of workplace violence so why does it matter here?  Are the networks simply trying to give its more rabid viewers a small taste of red meat?  I notice that if there isn't a whiff of Islam in these stories religion isn't mentioned at all.


I did get the spearmint ground but nothing else.  Mom decided it was time to thoroughly clean the refrigerator and, as I have complained often, the kitchen isn't big enough for both of us to work in at the same time.  I picked a couple of nearly ripe Biltmore tomatoes and accidentally cut a green one.  The Biltmore is the only tomato still in the garden.  The next three days should be cooler and wetter.

I simply don't understand the economic reports.  I found this today which says that consumer confidence is at a 4-month low and people aren't opening their wallets.  But just Friday our local news readers were crowing because people were spending right and left with enthusiasm.  Which one is right?  I have no idea.  I know that we don't fit into the metrics anywhere.  We aren't planning to make any major purchase.  Our 13-year-old car is doing just fine and we have no plans to buy a home.  All our appliances are doing fine and most are provided by the landlord anyway.  We buy what we need when we need it and think carefully before buying.  "Confidence" has nothing to do with our buying.

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