Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday.  Last day of August.

Yesterday was pretty nice.  The rain held off until evening and, has become usual, was a very heavy downpour that didn't last long.  Supposed to be dry and sunny today.  I hope so.  I have a few things I want to do outside.  I didn't do anything except look at the plants yesterday.  They say we have had a much wetter than normal August and I can believe it.  Stepping outside we feel like we are breathing through a wet cotton ball.

This is an interesting notion but I noticed the article didn't deal with two very important concerns: how much water is required and how much energy is required--and where will each come from.

Monday.  Welcome to September.  Because of the high temperatures and copious rain it doesn't feel like Fall has arrived but the spreading color on the trees is making it look like Fall.

Harvested some peppers and a couple of nice tomatoes yesterday and pulled a couple of petunias that were looking very spent and ragged.  Right now most of the work is deciding when to pull what and whether to take cuttings from which plants and which to repot for moving indoors.  If we get some sun and it remains somewhat dry I may get some of that done.  We'll see.

I don't remember the name of the billionaire (choose your own favorite descriptor) who said late last year that our voting philosophy shouldn't be "one man, one vote" but "one dollar, one vote."  He may be getting his wish though not as directly as he wished.  However, I think it is both obscene and wasteful that the tab for this year's elections has already topped $1Billion and likely to quadruple by election day.

This isn't surprising given stories last fall and just a week or so ago about the problems farmers and grain storage operators had and are having because the oil tankers are hogging the lines.  In a sane world one would think that food stuffs and agricultural products would have priority.  They are perishable after all.  But the oil companies and rail operators must think we will simply mutate to be able to directly consume fossil fuels instead of food.

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