Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Another busy day out and about planned.  We expect sunny but cool conditions today.  Yesterday was cool and wet.  But with our plans I won't have the time to do much more than look at what is going on outside.


A third busy day planned.  Errands and shopping mainly.  But we should have sun which always improves my mood.

As always Tom Englehardt has an interesting post.  A perfect description of American Hubris.

I see someone else has noticed the discrepancy between Obama's assurances on Iraq ("no boots on the ground") and his military (it depends and will be decided "on a case by case basis").

I can agree with the sentiment when Sam Smith says that laws should be treated like prescription drugs--with considerable restraint and caution.  But our politicians, he writes, treat laws like candy eating them by the handful.  However, I would say that our politicians are treating prescription drugs just like candy now-a-days.  Medicines are consumed (and prescribed by our doctors) with all the enthusiasm of kids on Halloween eating their trick-or-treat loot.

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