Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Wet and, evidently, going to stay that way all day.  From the weather maps we have a large area of rain that will move in waves over the area.  I moved the little eucalyptus, which is still struggling along, into the little greenhouse last night.  It doesn't need to be drenched--again.  Everything else outside is strong enough to take it.  I noticed just yesterday that our average first frost date is only a bit more than a month away.  How fast the time goes.

I still cannot get onto Bloglines.  I have no idea what is going on with it--but I am much annoyed.  This is, I think, the fourth time this year that the site has been inaccessible.  I think it annoys me on two counts: I don't like it when a technology that is a large part of my life fails and I don't, really don't, like having my routine disrupted.  Oh, well--consider it an exercise in flexibility and adaptation.

Ah, Margaret and Helen are back with a conclusion I can support:  life is full of questions and pie is always the right answer.

I think it is a curious juxtaposition of stories on the news this morning that David Cameron visits Scotland to promise greater autonomy for Scotland if the Scots vote no on independence and Petro Poroschenko promises much greater autonomy for eastern Ukraine within a united Ukraine.  In each case they had rejected those measures a while back which fueled their respective oppositions.  There are times when politicians should look seriously at compromise but that seems to be a lost art among modern politicians--of any nationality.

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