Monday, September 22, 2014


We did get rain yesterday--but not much.  The new said we had high winds and a bit of damage from that.  We didn't think the wind was all that bad though we had a lot of lightening which was severe enough to make me unplug the computer.  All I did yesterday in the gardens was cover the containers I had already cleared.  We may get more rain today but the next six days look dry.


As you can see I was very lazy yesterday.  I did get another two pots cleared and took three transplant plugs out of my gold leaf lemon thyme which are now inside in the pot tower.  I hope they do as well as the lavender and creeping thyme.  I did read some blogs and news but not much.  It was definitely a vegetating day.

Another good post at Tomdispatch.  I have spent all too much of my adult life in one institution of "higher" learning and have come to the conclusion that modern college education isn't worth the time or money spent on it.  Evidently, the educations received in for-profit business purporting to provide "education" are worth about as much as a high-school diploma.  The only ones getting rich off that business are the shareholders and executives.

Sam Smith at Undernews also has a very interesting post.  The ultimate corruption: the politics of illusion.

And now for corruption of another kind.  There is a reason why medical costs have risen so fast and to a point where most of us can't afford most medical treatment without insurance or some other financial aid.

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