Saturday, September 6, 2014


Oh, my, did those storms roll through yesterday evening and last night.  Thankfully, we didn't get what the northern Chicago suburbs did.  They are cleaning up and trying to get the power back for some 65+k up there.  We got nasty winds that swirled and seemed to hit from all directions.  Normally my little patio is well protected but the winds wiped the plants viciously.  I will check everything when we get light out there.  Supposed to clear off and get sunny but with mild temps today.

Things look pretty good out in the gardens.  The Pesto Perpetuo basil is listing and needs to be staked but it isn't broken.  It also needs to be trimmed.  That is the worst of the storm's leavings.  I will start the garden work shortly.

This isn't much of a surprise--nor, I guess, very unusual.  I remember two near minimum wage jobs I had which specified a dress "code" all employees had to adhere to and, if they didn't have suitable items in their closets, they had to buy them themselves.  I may have recouped the expense but it was a serious hit at the time.  Good thing--I still have the slacks from those jobs and I am back down to a weight that allows me to wear them.

Well, out air attack that killed al-Shabab's leader did such a hell of a lot of good.  The organization, as any organization would, has already named a new leader.  We really need to get someone who can think outside the box because getting a bigger gun or more guns isn't working.

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