Thursday, September 25, 2014


Mom was busy cooking up acorn squash yesterday so I stayed out of the way.  If we had a magic wand with one wish we would make the kitchen about twice its size.  So I didn't get any spearmint harvested.  Will do that today.  I did get the patio swept and washed down a bit.

The first headline I saw this morning proudly proclaimed the results of the latest "U.S.-led" airstrikes in Syria: "at least" 14 dead IS fighters and 5 "civilians."  Interesting question: how much did we and our "allies" spend to kill nineteen people?  What could those funds have accomplished if we had spent it on improving crumbling infrastructure, upgrading our power grid or on any of the other problems we have here at home?  A military officer expert interviewed on one of the news programs said that the purpose was to eliminate at least some IS sources of revenue--hence the targeting of refineries.  I wonder how much environmental damage our "success" has also accomplished.

Oh, the joys of trying to find out where your food comes from.  We try to stock up on veggies we can freeze while the farm market is running.  Which is why mom spend a good part of yesterday cooking acorn squash.  We know it is locally grown and organic.  When we get produce from our supermarkets we look for the country of origin labels.  Our markets also indicate the state of origin, which is nice.  Generally, we follow the simple rule: the closer the origin of the produce to our table the better.  As the story indicates that isn't fool proof but better than being oblivious.

Want a clear explanation of what we are doing in Syria and Iraq?  Here it is.

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