Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We visited our local farm market for the last time yesterday.  They will be open one more day but we don't really need anything.  We went out for a couple of the large jars of honey but got there a bit late.  The vendor was selling his last jars of the season to the customer who beat us to them.  Most of the other venders were also selling down their stocks.  We picked up our honey from the supermarket.  It isn't quite as local as what we got at the market--from within 100 miles instead of in town.  One of the maintenance men came by yesterday to put our storm windows back up.  They are much too heavy and awkward for Mom and me to handle.  Our next seasonal chore will be putting the plastic over the windows.  I plan to harvest the last cutting of spearmint today and clear out it's pot.

I found this interesting piece on Green Prophet.  Even the land needs a rest.

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