Monday, June 15, 2015


Foggy this morning though the weather people say it should burn off and the sun should give us warmer temps than we had yesterday which was quite cool.  I will harvest a good batch of mustard greens for supper today.  Otherwise I don't have anything else planned in the gardens but we will see on that.  I do have some peppermint that I could cut back and the Moldavian balm.  That would go into the dehydrator.


Wet this morning.  Herb harvesting may wait till tomorrow.  I repotted the oldest rosemary.  Every year or thereabouts I trim back its roots and reset it with fresh soil.  My new grow light, the support hoops for the row covers with the cloth and mason bee house came in yesterday.  That was fast.


Yesterday we did't do much.  One of the year-round farm markets we haven't visited in quite a long had a very good sale on eggs which justified a trip over there.  The savings easily paid for the gas and then some.  Otherwise it was so hot and muggy we just had no energy for anything.  See how we do today.

Well, today is already hot and muggy.  I finally decided (not without a lot of reluctance) to turn on the air.  I spent the last two hours getting the new grow-light put together and working.  It triples my space for starting plants and I can adjust it for taller plants later in the season.  I have a couple of tomato varieties I want to try to grow under it over the winter.  Just before this current burst of rain began I got my dragon's egg cucumbers tied up to the trellis and away from the peppers and mizuna.  I may get a chance to put some stakes in among the Barese cucumbers to guide the plants along that trellis.  We'll see.  I feel like I have already done a full day's work.

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