Friday, June 26, 2015


Raining today so I will occupy myself inside.  Should have a break between systems tomorrow morning and, if it develops, I will harvest some herbs then.  I got a bit more of the tangle of tomato plants the wind left in the corner of the gardens.  I have Costuluto and Amish Gold plants there which are getting quite tall and the wind twisted them into a mess.  Usually the gardens begin to look like a jungle by this time.  This year I have managed to keep some order and control.  One of my sunflowers has started blooming.  New flowers always bring me a bit joy.

On the issue of the "Stars and Bars" Confederate flag, what it means and if it should be displayed--John Beckett has a good piece.  An underlying question in his post involves exactly what whoever wants to wave that flag is wanting to honor or proclaim in doing so.

Gene Logsdon, the Contrary Farmer, has another interesting post on "Farming Starts In Cities."  I have followed the "urban agriculture" movement for several years now and it doesn't surprise me that plant cultivation has been a part of the urban environment since such an environment arose.


Cloudy now after rain off and on during the night.  I don't have anything pressing in the gardens.  The herbs can wait till tomorrow.  I have some plants inside to water and trim.

The Onion on the pending 6th extinction.  Crying won't help so you might as well laugh.

This should be an interesting little war that won't be covered by the mainstream media.  I think the corn refiners are feeling a pinch from the latest seismic shifts in American eating habits which has cast doubt on the benefits of one of their major products--high fructose corn syrup.

Philip Car Gomm has a good take on the news.  Everyone would be better off if we turned it off.  And the article he links to has even more good points to make in advocating a strictly curtailing our diet of news.

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