Wednesday, June 24, 2015


As we fell asleep last night the wind hit.  I woke to find two of the tumbler tomatoes on the fence were askew again and the gold leaf lemon thyme was on the patio.  The thyme had been in a low spot on a chair with a pot of peppermint.  Normally that is a very protected spot.  Not last night.  It is now inside.  No damage, thankfully.  The news this morning says that Illinois had six tornadoes overnight.    I don't think we got a drop of rain.

Thank whatever gods exist for nice people.  We need them to counter the cruel assholes.


Windy but somewhat cooler yesterday.  The drop in the temps and the humidity were welcome.  I have some trimming and perhaps some herb harvesting to do.  The cupcake squash is blooming profusely and we welcomed our first (that we know of) bee.  Hope it comes back and brings it's friends.  The cucumbers (both types) are climbing quickly up their trellises and the beans are doing the same on the sunflowers which survived the winds nicely.

I didn't read all of this post on Tomdispatch but what caught my attention was the figure of $10 billion which is the "top end estimate" for what will be spent on the coming elections.  I find that more than a little obscene.  It makes me wonder who is buying whom and what they want for their money.

Another food scandal in China.  This one is really sickening.

I have noticed a lot more willingness on the part of the mainstream media to call out the right-wing news sources (Faux--that means you) on their refusal to call the Charleston killings either a hate crime or a terrorist act.  This piece asks a good question: what is the difference?  It also notes something I had noticed long ago--as far back as the Oklahoma City bombing.  That suspicion is first directed at a shadowy, dark-skinned, and non-Christian immigrant enemy who turns out when finally revealed to be home-grown, white, and (self-proclaimed) Christian.

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