Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Rain again last night after a day of one cloudburst after another.  The weather people expect things to dry out today.  Good.  I have several herbs I should harvest and dry.  We have our regular shopping to do also.  Oh, well--it is foggy outside now so I don't think we will get dried out soon enough for me to harvest anything.  I may get other things done and I have the clean-up after putting the new grow-light together.

I do like Pope Francis for things like this.  Unfortunately, there are so many firmly embedded objectionable parts of Catholic doctrine that that faith holds no attraction.  And, according to Bloomberg, he provides very strong arguments on the issue of climate change.

The more I hear of the TPP and other trade treaties, the less I like them.  I don't think global companies should have the right to circumvent governments' (any governments) right to regulate them.  Gains Publius points out another reason to hate these efforts to create a global rule by corporate interests.

Mind-boggling!!  How many ways can these (insert your favorite epithet--I've run out) find to loot how many?

Well, this is a novel approach to sunburned grapes: treat them like you would your kids.  Treat liberally with sunscreen.

I have never cared for the artificial sweeteners.  They always had an off taste to me.  When they came out with Truvia I wasn't at all tempted to try it out.  I found the actual plant in the garden centers and grew it for several years.  We don't use it much because we use honey for the most part.  However, that is a long winded way to get to this post which contains no surprises at all.  To say it is natural depends on a really elastic definition of "natural."  And, yes, it does contain stevia--just not much of it.  Don't ask what else is in it.

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