Monday, June 22, 2015


Welcome to Summer and happy Solstice to you all.  Unfortunately, that also means that the days will now start to get shorter.


Spent a busy day yesterday getting my tomatoes upright again after the winds the night before bent them over.  I found two of the pots in the baskets on the fence blown askew.  They were just heavy enough that the weren't blown completely out.  I had to retie the upper part of one of my sunflowers because the vibrations of the wind loosened one of the twist ties.  I was so glad I had put the supporting stakes in and tied them up.  I thought it a good idea after seeing what high winds did to tall plants in some of the nearby gardens over the last few years.  I also had to pull one bed of my India mustard that was badly infested with cabbage moth caterpillars.  It appears the little pests love the mustard.  Surprisingly a nearby planting of mustard shows no sign of them.  Perhaps the nearby bird feeder discouraged the moths from laying eggs there.

Tom Englehardt has some very good observations on "violence in the homeland' and the "terrorist" threat from ISIL.  Before anyone gets pissed thinking I am anti-gun--I am not.  I don't blame a tool for the carnage the people who use it cause.  Unfortunately, we don't seem to be very big in this society on personal responsibility--except for the poor of course.  They are wholly responsible for everything about their lives whether they could really do anything about their conditions or not.  And yes, I am being very sarcastic.

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