Saturday, June 6, 2015


Yesterday was one strange day.  We went for a bit of a walk early and it was pleasantly cool.  Before noon the temperature had dropped and the wind had picked up,  As the clouds moved in my ambition evaporated so I got nothing done in the gardens.  I did rescue my oregano.  It was fine when I checked everything in the morning but the cold wind sucked the moisture out.  I watered it and brought it inside.  Also watered the two inside rosemaries.  I don't think we are going to get any rain before tomorrow so I will check everything outside and water where needed.  Right now our cable is out along with internet.  I hope it comes back real soon.

Why I generally ignore dietary guidelines.  And why I avoid most commercially processed foods.  As I noted yesterday I don't mind processed foods.  We process our own foods all the time.  I do mind many, if not most, of the additives.

Like eggs?  Get ready to pay more, if they are available at all.

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