Friday, June 3, 2016


Starting out to be a very nice day with the sun out and no rain threatening. I have a few minor chores but nothing major planned.

Who'd have thunk it--zombie wildfires. And they have had 16 of them so far this year including one that has been smoldering for two years. I hope that isn't a foreshadowing of the coming year.

I wasn't going comment on this but the more I thought about it the more it rankled me. I mentioned the patronizing tone of the medical article yesterday and this one is more of the same only worse. Somehow the "Trump voter" (of which I am not one) is to blame for the dismal job numbers. They are the 400+k who "dropped out of the labor force" last month either because the "didn't want to work" or because they "didn't think there were any jobs" out there. So they are either lazy or delusional. As someone who not too many years ago spent two-and-a-half years unemployed without unemployment insurance and who sent out dozens of resumes each week all of which netted one sort of interview that last about 5 minutes before the interviewer decided I was "overqualified" before I was able to qualify for social security, my sympathies are with the "Trump voters." And far from being "uneducated" I have four university degrees. I do resent patronizing assholes.

I love Yves Smith's Naked Capitalism and her Political article is right on target. We have discussed the likely candidates for the presidency. If Bernie Sanders by some strike of lightening luck becomes the Democratic nominee we will vote for him. If the contest is, as is looking very likely, gives us a choice between Clinton and Trump, I am considering voting Libertarian. I consider it my equivalent of chewing my leg off to get out of the trap of having to support two parties whose policies have consistently betrayed their core voters.

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