Monday, June 20, 2016


Watered everything today. That is going to be an everyday activity from now on. We just aren't getting anywhere near enough rain. At the end of last gardening season I got three sets of hoop frames for the gardens. I finally got to use them this year but I find I can make better use of them if I don't use them the way they were intended. I will have to take pictures soon to illustrate what I am doing with them. I think some of the beans are trying to bloom and the tomatoes and peppers look like they will yield very well this year, if nothing untoward happens. The herb drying season is about to get into high gear also.

I didn't see much I really wanted to comment on so I will leave this until tomorrow.


The weather people say it will be another hot and sunny day. I will have to get out early and water everything and fill the bird feeders.


Another 90* yesterday and warm overnight. The heat makes you feel like a wrung out dishrag. I got everything watered outside and even snipped a few dead blossoms off some of the plants as well as running the claw cultivator over some patches of weeds trying to establish themselves. But the heat built too fast to do much else. Update: the temps outside reached 90 a couple of hours ago. We gave up and put the air on.

Yves Smith had this post this morning. It lays out a good case against toll roads and the so-called private/public partnerships. All those terms mean is that the private investors have built in guarantees of profit while the public is assured of shouldering all the risks.

I have never seen this before although it may have happened. An airline turned back to its origin in Texas because of temperatures in Phoenix. The article says it is illegal for airplanes to operate once the temperature reaches 120* because of the adverse effects on the plane's systems. The temperature at the time was 117*.

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