Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Sunny today and getting warmer again. Yesterday was a nice relief from the heat. However, we didn't turn on the air conditioning at all during our two days of 90+. Several years ago we changed our patterns of both air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. Our winter setting is 68F and we don't turn on the air (or didn't until this year) until the temps hit 85+. We have developed a wider range of temperature tolerance and actually feel better for it. We simply don't like having the house closed up so much of the time. The gardens are doing well. I found little peppers and tomatoes forming on several of the plants which we are looking forward to. The beans and peas are growing fast but haven't bloomed yet.

This little article at Grist had us reminiscing. I can remember when my Dad would capture the lion's share of the gizzards and livers when ever we had fried chicken. His favorite part along with the drumsticks. Every roast turkey or chicken had stuffing with the gizzards and livers chopped up in it. And/or gravy with the same. When was the last time you bought a stewing hen? We usually buy one or two a year that we cook for soup, stock, and pieces for casseroles/salads. But we haven't seen a package of gizzards in years. That used to be included with the bird. I can remember cooking beef heart and tongue. They were cheap and tasty. I haven't seen either in stores for at least 30 years. Mom remembers cooking them also. They were great budget stretchers.


I don't know how much I will get into today or how much I will post. I have already had some difficulty with my e-mail site. The scrolling keeps hanging up in the most frustrating way. Nothing much planned in the gardens unless I find something when we go out. I am at the filling in stage. Not many spaces left to fill up.

The garden spaces are filled up. But I didn't find anything I wanted to comment on.


Squalls of heavy rain so far this morning with thunder and lightening. No gardening today but I got the new plants put in yesterday. Too dark just now to see if anything was damaged. I will check in a little while.

I have tuned out most of ht so-called news about the Orlando mass murder. Much of the coverage is what has become normal in our news media: look for dramatic local ties (especially victims who once lived in or grew up in Chicago or whatever location the station is located), give plenty of time to the political blowhards (all the better if they fan the flames of some controversy.) I have to ask one question: why is it that when a murderer has some ties to some version of Christianity the guilt is always attributed to the individual and not the religion while when a killer has a Muslim background the guilt is spread to the religion and less to the individual?

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