Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We should have several cool days which I think my gardens and I know I will love. I hope I won't have to water as much. I saw blossoms on one of my sets of cucumber plants. I have to examine my peppers more thoroughly to find the developing peppers so I can keep an eye on them. The beans are also beginning to bloom so I have to watch for developing pods.

I have seen this story before and the link doesn't add much to the story. But I agree with the headline. The situation illustrates perfectly why I am against these "trade" treaties which are nothing more than gimmes to the big corporations. They are simply "I win and win big or I lose and win a little less." Heads I win, tails you lose. Total shit.

The Atlantic has a good analysis of our political system. "Chaos syndrome" sounds like an accurate diagnosis and it won't be cured easily or quickly. The author notes the rise in self-interested individualism in the process of how our politics became dysfunctional but I have to ask: what do you expect considering how long we have cultivated rampant, atomistic individualism in our society?

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