Friday, July 1, 2016


Cold this morning--only 50* and the high will only get into the mid 70s. Well, it is a nice change from the heat and humidity.


When there is no difference between Christian extremists and Islamic extremists. Remember when the Taliban destroyed the ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and the outcry from the world. My we had an orgy of press coverage and recrimination. Nothing of the sort when Christians do the same.


Well, a busy day so far. Two mini-loaves of bread rising for about another ten minutes before I bake it. I bake the small loaves now because we are sure to eat them before they have a chance to grow something we don't want to eat along with them. Yesterday I dried seven trays of spearmint and ground it for teas. Today's haul consisted of three trays each of peppermint and lavender. We can start adding lavender to our tea again. I saw a small clutch of tomatoes that are almost ready to pick.

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