Thursday, July 7, 2016


This story puts a different complexion on the Clinton e-mail "scandal." It may be a scandal but not for Clinton. I remember the tiff when Obama insisted on using the Blackberry with which he was familiar and, lo and behold, the wizards at NSA provided one. But for some reason they couldn't do the same for her??? By the way notice the date on this article: March 16, 2016. Why hasn't the media mentioned this since? And is this why the FBI director decided no charges were warranted against Clinton but then lambasted her for the lack of security? Nice way to take the heat off the NSA.

"...millions of people in a society-wide experiment." An "addicted generation'? I would say so. But, in truth, we are an addicted society with the first solution offered to any problem being some medication.

Tom Englehardt gives a brutal assessment of "the American century." And he is right in asserting that inspired leaders with new alternative visions are very thin on the ground--especially in this election year.

Ronni Bennett posted some interesting thoughts this morning on "Growing Old in a New World." Perhaps every generation goes through the phase of thinking the world is their own through to finding it slipping from their grasp. Mom used to do crosswords but so many of the clues now involve a popular culture we don't participate in which makes the puzzles so much more frustrating and unenjoyable. The books and the movies seem incredibly repetitive. We wonder how many past works have been plundered by authors/filmmakers who don't seem to have any creativity. I won't even go into the politics. It isn't my world any more beyond my little patio garden.

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