Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Nothing much to comment on over the weekend. Hot with intermittent storms. Thankfully nothing damaged--so far. I was watching the bean towers sway in the wind hoping the would remain stable. The Blauhild bean vines are putting out a nice lot of pods which will be ready to pick soon.


The temperatures have moderated slightly--mid 80s instead of low to mid 90s. The high winds with that storm did knock over one of my tomato plants in a small pot. Neither the pot nor the plant were broken but the plant needed extra support and I have it in a different place where it is more stabile. I had other tomato branches that needed more support as well. I cleaned up and trimmed the plants in the stacked tower harvesting thyme and chives at the same time. Those are dried and ground now along with some lavender. I also took some of the strawberry runner plants that had developing root systems to transplant into the inside tower and in a small jar of water. I haven't had good luck with that before. I found four large cucumbers which will be pickles tomorrow. We have errands today.

Another episode in the "Is Donald Trump Trying To Lose?" soap opera: importing the one-child policy China is getting rid of and applying it to Hispanics. I think I will avoid the rush and throw up now.

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