Sunday, July 3, 2016


I saw this first thing this morning. It is another story which hasn't hit the major news media. I love the way the Repthuglican governor who hates the Federal government interference wants the Feds to solve the problem by improving the water storage system  while he refuses to put any undo pressure on business (or anyone else) by regulating pollutants. If it really is a water storage problem and not a water quality problem why not act at the state level?

I got to that story by way of my bookmarked weather site where I checked on our local weather. I wanted to check on the temperature because it felt a bit cold this morning. It is only low 50s.


Another cold morning, like yesterday, which promises a cool day. Although we do enjoy a bit of cool temperatures it certainly does not feel like July. It is July, right? My computer hasn't gone insane?

This story provides a gently humorous contrast between generations with their responses to an old riddle.

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