Wednesday, July 13, 2016


The weather people predict three days, starting today, with temps either in or feeling like the low 90s. I have already spent about two hours out in the gardens harvesting gold marie beans and trimming some of the semi-jungle in that area. It isn't nearly as bad as in years past but it is still thick. After picking, trimming, watering, and drowning every Japanese beetle I got my fingers on, I am done for the day. Need to start early tomorrow so I can get some more done before we go grocery shopping.



It was very warm and humid yesterday but we didn't get the rain the weather people thought we would. They say we have another chance later today. I did only the minimum in the gardens because we spent the morning on our errands. That minimum was watering. Everything is so dry. I think I have to shift into high summer mode: doing small tasks with long periods inside to cool down.

I got a laugh out of the title of this article. Back to the future, indeed!! But I have heard similar stories out of Michigan and Iowa over the last year or so. Here is a link to the Wired article cited in the Grist article. It is odd to think that there are whole occupations and research institutes devoted to tearing out and not replacing infrastructure we were once so proud of and can no longer maintain. Or, rather, replacing it with lower cost/lower tech older alternatives.

I hope this stands.

Interesting notion but I have a couple of questions. First, who is going to pay for this. Second, how does it help a country's "competitiveness" to invest if more education for people who have, as the article states, five to ten more years before retirement? 

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