Saturday, July 16, 2016


We have seen signs all over our town saying "Pence Must Go." I don't think they mean "go to Washington." Unfortunately, the signs indicate he is Trump's choice for running mate. Another reason to vote for Hillary, though I really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y would rather not. For anyone who wants to know more about Pence read this reposting on Daily Kos of an article published in April.

Yes, we have so much choice. But most of it is meaningless choice. Something like our political choices???


Canned the first picking of the Gold Marie beans using a recipe for Garlicky Pickled Green Beans I found on line. We won't know if we like them for a couple of weeks. We used the first handful of the Roselle cherry tomatoes in our salad yesterday. The flavor of homegrown is amazingly better than commercial. I saw several cucumbers that will be ready soon and am looking forward to doing up pickles. It was pleasantly cool and should be for a couple more days--good gardening weather.

I think the police departments ought to have botanists on call to accompany them of drug raids so they can avoid this kind of embarrassment.

A "word of the day" entry from the Archdruidess which so beautifully describes our politicians.

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