Friday, July 29, 2016



We had unexpected errands yesterday so I didn't get much else done. The news was "same old, same old" so nothing there to talk about. I did get some tomatoes picked and pulled the spent borage plant. Found some things to pick today. But the main effort today is to do pickles.


It was cool enough that I was able to do more than water things and run back inside. I collected another couple of cucumbers and added them to the others to make up six pints of pickles that are now on the shelf. We will bring down the pressure canner to do up Blauhilde and Gold Marie beans. The tomatoes are coming in faster now so we are planning on which will go into sauce and when we will get Romas for cubed tomatoes. The mints are ready for another cutting also. Busy season has started.

The conventions are over so the political finals are under way. I will be so glad when this insane and abysmal election is over.

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