Friday, July 22, 2016


An interesting take on Trump's personality, his campaign, and some truly devastating speculations about the post-November possibilities.

I'm with her. In a choice between The Donald and someone's refrigerator, I'll take the fridge.


Another warm day coming today and two more (at least) over the weekend. An unexpected, vicious thunderstorm erupted yesterday. Luckily I don't see much damage. A couple of plants bent over but not broken. I have already straightened them and tied them more securely to their supports. I saw a couple of tomato branches that may need the same treatment if they aren't broken. I put up five pint jars of pickles which joined the four of garlicky pickled beans from my previous canning session. I could have put a sixth jar but didn't think I would need more than the five. The excess cucumber is in the left over brine in the refrigerator maturing into refrigerator pickles.

Well, one political convention down and one to go. Then about four months before the election ends this insane political season. Anyone taking bets on how soon 2020 gets started? Some indications point to it already beginning.

Courtesy of Vox which is right on the money.

Only somewhat tongue in cheek: wake for the GOP.

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