Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The heat has been turned back on along with the humidity. I watered everything in the gardens and hunted another dozen or so Japanese beetles to drown or stomp on. I will be picking herbs again next week and trimming some of the tomatoes. We may get rain over the next few days. I certainly hope so.


Thunderstorms rolled through last night and will continue through the morning to resume later tonight and into tomorrow. We do need the rain but I wish it came without the high winds driving it. So far as I can see right now from our patio door, the damage has been minimal. I think I see a couple of tomato branches that may be broken but I was debating whether I should cut them off or try to tie them back. I will check them out during the lull between the waves of storms. At least none of the plants are lying flat in a tangled heap like they were last year after similar storms.

I did get outside a little bit ago. The tomato branches weren't broken so I was able to tie them up. I didn't see any more problems.

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