Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Well, we have two weeks of political convention news coming up starting today. The Republicans meet this week, the Democrats next week. No, I am not watching most of the coverage. What I get on the morning and evening news is too much already.


Very warm and muggy yesterday after the rains on Sunday and overnight into Monday. I did a bit of an inspection outside but didn't water anything. I will do that real early this morning before the day heats up. The weather people say it should be hot to very hot all week. A couple of days should go into the "dangerous" category with heat indices going over 100F. Needless to say, we won't be doing much outside. I made up some cheddar cheese biscuits that turned out very tasty. And I found a nice pattern for a table topper I have had in the back of my mind for a while but was too lazy to start.

I won't link to any of the stories about Melania Trump's speech and its uncanny resemblances to Michelle Obama's speech. I wasn't surprised because I never expected her to be any kind of orator nor did I expect her to write her own speech. Her speechwriters should be fired for the plagiarism but I think she was totally clueless. She is perfectly brilliant at doing what is expected of her: be an ornamental planet orbiting the sun that is Donald Trump. She learned her lines and she delivered them with about as much animation as as a blow up doll. Nor am I surprised at the Republican hypocrisy in dismissing the theft of another person's words. They do tend to dismiss the transgressions of their own while blowing lesser sins committed by their opponents up into damning mountainous crimes worthy of eternal hellfire.


Warm and muggy again today with three more excessively (for our area) uncomfortable days ahead. Gardening during these times is shoved into the earliest possible times of the day and involves what is absolutely necessary. I saw some tomatoes that I should pick and maybe some cucumbers. I will take a quick look at the beans as well.

Infidel753 has an interesting take that reflects my frequent questions of late: is the Trump campaign trying to lose. He puts it down to sabotage from within the campaign. I love the description of Trump as a cross between Mussolini and the Three Stooges.

Charles Hugh Smith posted this critique of globalization.

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