Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I am waiting for enough light to see outside. It is only a bit after 4:30am and still dark though the eastern side of the sky is getting a bit lighter. I don't think we got any rain yet. We are under flash flood warning but I don't expect that we will have any problems in our little corner here and we aren't planning on driving anywhere. The first pulse of rain/storm should come a bit after 7 if the weather people have their timing right.

I just had an odd thought connecting the stories about the attempt to restrict guns, assault style weapons particularly, in the wake of the Orlando murders and some of the medical stories I have read over the last year, especially those dealing with high blood pressure/heart attack where doctors advocate expanding the pool of people who should be on statins. In each case we can't readily identify people who might "at risk," at risk of developing heart failure or at risk of going off the deep end and killing a bunch of people. So advocates recommend using a meat ax instead of a scalpel. Most patients won't develop the physical ailments that statins might help and most people who have or can get access to guns won't use them on fellow human beings. It reminds me of a scene in an old Charlie Chan movie where Charlie is running out of time to identify a murderer and one of the characters noted that ancient Chinese emperors didn't have that problem. Charlie replies that the emperor would indeed solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Given ten people of whom one was guilty he would simply order ten heads chopped off. We have entered an era where we are guilty until proven innocent and where accusation equals guilt.

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