Friday, June 10, 2016


A minor bit of clean up today and rearranging. I moved the small planter tower upstairs under the lights (after getting the area cleaned up a bit), mixed up another batch of slightly acidified water for the blueberry and watered everything. The sky keeps threatening us with rain and then the clouds clear off. Don't know if we will get anything at all.

Didn't see anything I wanted to comment on. Maybe tomorrow.


Thunderstorms rolled through last night along with heavy rain. They say that one sure way to make it rain is to wash your car. Well, watering a garden does just as well. With full light everything looks good outside. No damaged plants.

This is a fascinating and disturbing (though not totally unexpected) development. It certainly gives the lie to the notion of "free speech." Oh, I guess that is only for corporate people these days.

I can relate to this article. We have become transients and few of us really know our neighbors. We have lived in our apartment for more than a decade. During that time we have had at least five neighbors in the unit on the east side of us, nearly as many on the west side and only two in the unit one door down in our four unite building. We never knew much about most of them. Our neighborhood consists of about twenty similar buildings and a line of similar (though slightly larger duplex houses) across the street. People move in; people move out--frequently. What is a good metaphor for something that interacts less often than "ships in the night?"

David Kaiser has some good comments on the coming election.

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