Monday, June 6, 2016


Ah, nice and sunny so far. I have a bunch of chores I want to get done in the gardens and in the grow light section upstairs today. I planted a dahlia, a French thyme, and a lisianthus I picked up at the opening of the farm market last Saturday. I was glad to see that the numbers of vendors have increased. The weekday market is usually even better.

I found this amusing piece almost first off and everyone should have a good laugh to start the morning. Being well over 30 myself it resonates with me. I usually wear scarves, caps or bandanas and I have had three people ask me over the last couple of years if I had cancer or some such and had lost my hair. I wonder how many people assume that and don't ask. My hair isn't my crowning glory and I hate bad hair days. I remember some years ago when the phrase (from a poem I once looked up) "when I am an old woman I will wear purple." I think it also said something about a red hat. I said screw waiting till I am old. I will wear what I damn well please now.

Tom Englehardt has another of his yearly "commencement addresses," the kind that should be given but which won't be.

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