Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Good Friday morning to all. It is gray and wet--again. My seedlings did get some sun under the plastic yesterday. They will stay inside today. Starting tomorrow, when we should be seeing some sun again, they will stay outside overnight. None of the overnight temps are supposed to stay above 40 degrees. Some of them need to be transplanted into their permanent homes with my milk jug hot caps protecting them.

I hadn't heard about copper and converter thefts in Colorado, Lois. We had a spate of copper thefts that made the news here about a year ago that included the electrocution of a couple of not-so-bright boys who tried to cut live wires. And I would believe the crap that has been thrown at teachers over the last decade or more. Schools have been in a perpetual state of crisis for at least that long. The politicians have only two suggestions for the 'problems'--throw more money at the situation or micromanage while cutting the budget. I used the quotation marks because I wonder whether the problems are really problems or just political talking points for politicians seeking some advantage. And I wonder what our society really expects our education system to accomplish and whether the system can really accomplish those ends.

So our political Pollyannas are extolling the economic recovery with every fiber of their being. Charles Hugh Smith has a few pertinent observations on often unacknowledged facets the boosters would rather ignore.

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