Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good morning, all. Sunny this morning but colder. But if the temp reaches 60 I will put the plants out under the tents. I am still not comfortable with leaving them out even with cover.

So, the Fukushima site now is a level 7 disaster. Chernobyl is still considered the worst because of the area affected. One talking head this morning said that the Japanese are lucky because the wind has been, for the most part, blowing out over the ocean and not across land. I still find it amazing that we are absolutely unwilling to tolerate any level of risk of terrorism but are quite willing to risk a greater risk of nuclear disaster to achieve an ephemeral reduction in our dependance on foreign oil.

And 'Happy Times Are Here Again'. At least from some. Unfortunately, not for those on whom the profits of these companies really depend--their ordinary workers.

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Looking to the Stars said...

So, the wind is blowing the nuclear crap over the ocean. Isn't that where we are. These people are really beginning to piss me off, saying there is nothing for anyone (Japan & the rest of the world) to worry about. Ugh!
I saw a sign yesterday that said 'I love my country, I just don't love my government' amen to that!