Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Thursday morning, everyone. We may get some sun today. The weather report last night said that we have had only 8 days without rain this month. Amazing. As much as I have complained about the weather this month I am very thankful that we don't live south of here. I have lived much nearer some of the areas that have been so hard hit. My grandparents once lived about 40 or so miles from Cairo, Illinois, which is now being evacuated because of flooding. I see some weak sun trying to break through the clouds.

Several days ago I noted reports of metal thefts. This story takes it to a new low.

I absolutely love stories that take apart the statistics upon which so much of the economic news is based. This one examines five government stats you can't trust. It is so nice to find out that your gut feeling that the books are being cooked is right on target.

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