Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good morning, everyone. It looks like we may get some sun today--at least between lines of showers. I was actually able to get my little spade in the soil yesterday. I rather thought that the containers had thawed out after looking at the amount of water draining out the bottom. I think I will be able to get the hose hooked up because the night time temps aren't supposed to go below 30. I won't be doing much with plants until thursday because we have Mom's doctor appointment this morning which we are combining with our grocery shopping. Tomorrow, as the best of the next couple of days, I plan to do my library run. Sometime this week I also want to get some candles poured. I spent some time yesterday melting and draining left over wax and getting the candle glasses cleaned up. I am slowly getting rid of the small ones which will go to Goodwill as soon as I finish them up.

I like your picture, Lois. I can relate to the feelings. Most of the time I feel just like I did 40 years ago. Other times I feel like I might be 20 years older than I am. About four years ago I changed my auburn wigs for salt-and-pepper. It was time. Those ever-present commercials for the 'age defying' and 'wrinkle reducing' skin treatments just annoy me. I earned every damned wrinkle and gray hair I have. I absolutely hate that schizophrenic commercial for the men's hair color product: "My hair says experience," says one self while the other counters with, "Mine says energy." What a bunch of crap.

As I have said before, I am a medical minimalist. So I am as skeptical as you are, Kay, when considering medical information. One relative was misdiagnosed with lupus, given powerful drugs for ten years that caused a number of other serious conditions, and now has to get those drugs out of her system to treat the real problem--rheumatoid arthritis. Another was diagnosed with MS, couldn't tolerate the drugs prescribed when he could afford them (not often being without insurance for most of the time), and then found that the symptoms disappeared when he cut out the soft drinks he almost lived on.

Not surprised you didn't know Obama has announced his candidacy for re-election, Lois. He announced it via his web page (facebook page??--not sure which). No, I didn't see the actual announcement. I got it by way of CNBC which had been carrying teasers all weekend.


Looking to the Stars said...

You are a busy little bee :) (like always). Hope your mom's dr. appt. goes well.

thanks about the pic. I was not prepared for my hair to turn all grey in my 50's but such is life. Ohh, I LOVE wigs. I had a nice collection in my 20's & 30's but don't have them anymore. There are times when I feel 20 yrs older also :) I hate those stupid commericals to!

Aha, that's where the announcement was. Like I said, I'm glad I have you to keep me updated :)

That is so terrible about your friends. I don't trust dr.'s anymore, I put them in the same pile as the politicians :)

take care

Kay Dennison said...

Gray in Ohio, too, in oh so many ways,

I need to learn how to do the candle thing. (hint :) ).

Some days I feel like I'm still Wonder Woman; others I feel almost every minute if my almost 64 years. Sigh. And yeah, I earned every line/wrinkle and, if I thought about it. could prolly put a name or place on each of them.

'Age-defying' is what I do when I ignore conventional wisdom and get the reminder that my back goes out more than I do. :)

I just saw what your legislature passed today. It's a slap in the face of women. I hope you Hoosiers keep up the fight and throw the bums out!

I wish I were a medical minimalist but I do try hard. Compared to most of my friends, the 4 scrips I get regularly are nada. And one of the I take as needed and lasts a long time because I know it can be addictive and make it last a long time as if I can talk myself out of a panic attack, I do.

I can't get excited about Obama running again. I'll vote for him because the alternative is too frightening. I don't know what I expected but it wasn't someone who tries to play nice with people who really are out to get us ordinary mortals (the GOP).