Sunday, April 3, 2011

A good Sunday morning to you all. I tented four of my six big containers yesterday before I ran out of plastic. I have enough plastic left for one more but I have to adjust the height of the a-frame. I think I can use a couple of the walls-'o-water to help warm up the soil in the last one. We are supposed to have temps in the 50s and 60s so by the end of the week most of the soil should be thawed and, hopefully, warm enough by mid month to start putting in plants. The bay seedling we ordered in January came yesterday so I have to pot it today. I also need to transplant several tomatoes and peppers. Those seedling are growing vigorously. Maybe next weekend I will start the spinach and lettuce seeds.

I found this Vanity Fair article by Joseph Stiglitz from a link on Chris Martenson's blog. An interesting take on where we are and how we got here--and why things won't be getting much better for the vast majority of us any times soon.

Seeking Alpha has this little piece describing the problem of inflation in Argentina which has me wondering whether Argentina will be the next Zimbabwe and whether we will be going that route also. It is interesting that the first thing governments seem to do is cook the books to make a dangerous economic situation seem less dangerous. Notice how we haven't had any inflation for the last two years?

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Looking to the Stars said...

Your garden sounds divine :)

Took the week end off to go to the western slope. Took pics of the mtns but only 2 came out, very disappointing. I'll be sharing about it later this week. Put a pic of me with my grey hair on the blog today. Hard to believe my hair is totally grey, I still feel like a little girl but the rest of me isn't going along,lol. take care