Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good morning on another rainy day. This weather is so frustrating. I wonder if we are on schedule for a record--most days in a row with rain? The weather people said it has now been nine days in sequence. I can't get the soil in the containers worked till it is dry enough for me to get out there. And I have seedlings that should be put in their proper spots. And I have a cat who is very unhappy that I can't make the rain stop so he can go outside.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Lois and Kay. We don't whoop it up on any occasion any more. We simply acknowledge the day and go on. In spite of having all of our plans discombobulated it was a pleasant day.

We were supposed to go to Mom's doctor's appointment, go out to breakfast, pay our rent, and do our weekly grocery shopping. But we got in the car and---silence, no go, nothing. Thankfully, the battery simply died--suddenly and without warning. Mom had planned to replace it next week anyway when she was going to take the car in for its oil change and general spring maintenance. She has roadside assistance and they sent out a very nice fellow who jumped the battery so we simply moved up the work and added a new battery to the list. But she needs to make a new medical appointment and our breakfast out will be postponed to that date. I really hate it when the machinery we depend on fails us.

The sun peaked out and fooled me into putting the seedling trays out. Fortunately, I put them in the mini-greenhouse. Otherwise the short deluge would have clobbered them. Oh, well.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Yikes, that's a lot of rain in a row. I like rain but not for that long.

Sorry, your plans got put off. We have had the same thing happen and it throws a wrench into everything that was planned. Roadside assistance is great, we have that also.

Hope today is better :)