Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good morning to you all. We should have 80s today with plenty of sun before a storm front moves in. How severe our weather will be depends on how far north the front goes. I don't mind the rain but I really don't want the thunder, lightning, high winds. I put most of my seedlings out under the tents yesterday and plan to do the same today. They appeared to like that. The tents are warming the containers nicely. I may be able to transplant all of the seedlings into the beds by later this month. I got my lettuce, spinach, poppy, lemon balm, love-in-a-mist started and marigold and started some seeds to replace what didn't germinate in the last batch. Today I want to fill some of my pots--not to plant yet but to put on my trash tote to keep the monster cat from trying to explore over the fence. I may just move it to were a couple of containers are now and move the containers into the trash tote place. We put it where it is only to make it easier to get to during the winter--which was a good move given how much snow we got this year.

MSNBC has this NY Times story this morning which doesn't foster peace of mind when considering the Japanese nuclear industry. I wonder how widespread these labor practices are world wide.

Anybody else out there getting really tired of the 'birther' assholery? According to the Constitution, it doesn't matter where Obama was born and it doesn't matter that his father was Kenyan. His mother was an American citizen. That makes him a natural born American citizen. And that is all that is required. I wish the news media would make that point and then refuse to cover any further birther nonsense.

Teagan Goddard's Political Wire has a short but revealing perspective on the budget compromise: during the 8 days our 'leaders' fought over the budget that cut a shade over $38 billion the debt increased by a shade over $54 billion.

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