Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good morning, everyone. We had some sun yesterday before the clouds moved in. I was actually glad to get some rain overnight. I tried to dig a bit in the containers but they were solidly frozen. I was able, barely, to put the uprights from my trellises in so I could create the a-frames which will hold up the plastic tents. I will get that done today after everything clears off and it warms up. The temps are supposed to go into the 50s today and go even higher over the next week. Update: the sun just came out!!! Yippee!!!

The Economist has an interesting piece concerning the parallels between our banking melt down and the supply chain disruptions caused by the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear emergency. Few economists want to consider the very fundamental fact that each system was large, highly interconnected, and increasingly prone to failure. Both systems are so complex that the people supposedly in control really did not understand how they worked or what could go wrong--until it went wrong. Those few who did sound a warning were not the trusted experts and dismissed by those who supposedly knew (and didn't know they didn't).

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