Friday, July 8, 2011

Blast!! I hit the wrong button and accidentally posted that last little bit. Oh, well--I will continue with a new post.

Now this lad has some interesting points and most I agree with. Actually, my thoughts are a bit more gloomy than his. I have said for sometime that our train wreck is coming; a matter of when not if. And to those who think it is merely a matter of whether it will be hard or soft, I say it will be hard either way.

Last night the economic reporters were ecstatic because the the economy created something like 150+k jobs last month. I wasn't too impressed because most of the experts say that we need a minimum of about 200-250k jobs each month just to take care of population increase. However, this story tells a very different story and illustrates why I remain a skeptic with regard to any numbers put out by the government (or any other institution). The net number of jobs created were actually--18k. That is the net number so most of the new jobs were offset by job losses and the numbers are not nearly so bright. And that highly massaged unemployment number? It has ticked up by another 0.1% to 9.2%.

Richard Engle an NBC foreign correspondent has some very cogent thoughts on our national security state this morning at MSNBC. Like him I also wonder what we have lost in the hysterical drive for ever more security. And, like a couple of bloggers (sorry, I didn't save the links), I wonder if the next stem, given the report that terrorists may be resorting to surgically implanting explosive devices inside their suicide bombers, will be a proctologist at each station.
Crooks & Liars linked to this little talk between Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff and Keith Olbermann that touches a thought I had while listening to accounts of the News of the World scandal in the U.K. The thought? What makes any one over here think that Murdoch outlets in this country haven't done the same?

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Looking to the Stars said...

I also, never believe the #'s. And you are right, the train wreck is coming & it'll be hard.

Found it intersting about suicide bombers. Did you know that our gov't came up with implanting a explosive in a person in the late 1950's. At that time it only killed the person implanted. Now, 50 yrs later someone has came up with the idea to kill even more. what a wicked world we live in.

loved your pictures, not only are you a gifted gardener you are talented in the picture taking dept.! my pics come out terrible, if they come out at all, lol :)