Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good morning, everyone. It is clear and cool this morning. The temperature was a nice 60 and the humidity is comfortably low. I need to check out the garden and get a bunch of the herbs cut--again. But first I will have to empty and clean up the dehydrator. Drying blueberries makes a mess.

The other major mess--our dysfunctional legislature in Washington--prompted a thought. During Obama's first two years the then-minority party, our not so well-loved Repthuglicans, blocked nearly everything the administration proposed (even those proposals they originally supported) using exactly the same tactics the Tea Party faction of their own party is using now. The shoe is on the other foot and they don't like the fit. If it weren't for the damage the impasse is causing, with worse damage likely, I would enjoy their discomfort and frustration.

I hadn't read anything about Agenda 21, Lois. From what I skimmed it sounds like a lot of high flown pretty rhetoric with few, if any, teeth. And I don't expect it to get any soon. The U.S. Senate has so far not ratified the program and has, at least according to a couple of web sites (whose accuracy I can't attest to), has been rejected. Both Clinton and Obama put a small part into action with an Executive Order. Considering how the Kyoto Protocols and the Copenhagen meetings on the environment went--I won't worry for now.


Kay Dennison said...

It all just keeps getting worse! I am not giving up!

Rebecca Watson said...

I would love for the temperature to be a 60 degrees here, Im jealous!!!