Friday, July 8, 2011

Well, now that I have given the garden up date on the other post I will continue with my perusal of the internet. I won't be commenting on the broadcast news because we have already turned it off. The first three stories teased on Good Morning America were really not news--human interest at best and gossip at worst: the man who fell at that baseball game and died, Her (possibly unhappy and less than-) Serene Highness of Monaco, and the Dugarde interview (continuing another day.) And I am sure they will have more meaningless commentary and faux analysis of the Anthony trial. I get far more real information and analysis from the internet sources. Instead we broke down and got the year subscription to Pandora.

Last week the blogs and internet news sites had several posts on the possibility of the Administration using the 14th Amendment to get around the obstructionist Repthuglicans. Now Huffington Post is reporting an unnamed source saying that the option is off the table. But I find this bit from the end of the post most intriguing: "That the White House would choose not to keep the option of ignoring the debt ceiling as an arrow in its quiver is a curious strategic move. It could have presented an emergency exit if debt negotiations with Republican leadership reached an intractable impasse. It also served as a threat to Republicans, who risked getting nothing at all if they refused to budge on issues like tax revenues. It is worth noting, though, that the revelation may have come from a Republican source at the White House meeting, rather than from Geithner or the White House." That the White House would disarm itself is not very surprising--they have done so frequently in the past giving up far more than they gained. I wonder if the Repthuglicans are trying to paint the Democrats into the corner of their (the Repthuglican's) choosing.

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