Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello, again, and this time it really is Friday. This has been one of those weeks we have had a hard time remembering what day it is because our schedule has been blasted six ways to Sunday. We had errands and appointments all week. We had heavy rain over night with a lot of lightning and thunder. It is still wet and a new round of rain going to the south may clip up. They said we in our area got almost 2 inches in a one hour period. In spite of the winds everything in the gardens is fine--no damage at all. I have a whole bunch of cherry and plum tomatoes to pick. Should also pick a couple of the herbs.

I just turned off the news on TV. Pandora is much more soothing. The talking head announced they were going to have a 'Tea Party Republican' to explain his position on the debt ceiling matter. I have heard it so many times I am beginning to tune the noise out. I am seriously thinking of resigning my status as a news junkie. The last couple of years have pretty much cured me.

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