Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ok, now that the garden update is done I will proceed to my daily trip through the e-mail, blogs, and news.

So, Obama finally got a bit ticked off and walked out of the debt limit faux negotiations. Faux on the part of the Repthuglicans. If he stays firm on the issue I might stop thinking of Democrats as Damnocrats. I notice new political commercials calling out the politicians for their proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Good!! As long as they are willing to spend obscene amounts of money on the botched wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which the incredibly dishonest Bush II administration conducted off the books. I agree with Obama: no short term fixes. I remember the tactic the Repthuglicans used during the faux negotiations over the budget. They passed, I think, three short term fixes for a couple of weeks and were rewarded by successive $2 billion cuts in the appropriations already passed. And the Damnocrats let them get away with it.

Hey, Lois, I became an Apple fan because I am not really a proficient geek. Way back when I was considering a computer I tried out a couple different kinds. My ex-ecology prof turned computer salesman allowed me to take them home over weekends. He didn't get the sale though because we found the Apple first. The Apple II was easier to set up and worked right out of the box as has every Apple computer since. While most of my friends who had other pc models swore at their crashed computers and tried to re-boot, I sailed on peacefully with my Apple. The money I could have saved by getting any of the others wasn't worth the aggravation. We did come out of the last storm unscathed. Some areas in Chicago are still without power.

Yes, Kay, the gardens are a nice counter to all the idiocy out there that would be raising my blood pressure. As an additional measure to protect our mental and physical well-being we have taken to turning off the tv (especially the news) and putting on Pandora. I think my disgust and irritation hit an all time high with the 24/7 coverage of the Anthony trial which seemed to be followed, up here anyway, by a similar coverage of the Blogojevich trial. And for the last two weeks the ABC channel has featured snippets of Diane Sawyer's interview with Jaycee Dugard. These stories should have filled in between the more important real news but instead the important stuff became the filler for these non-stories. Why do I call them non-stories? First, usually the more recent story on any of them had nothing newsworthy or new about them. They were rehashes. Second, we have courts to handle the legal stories and I hate the propensity to try these juicy cases in the media. And, while the stories might have a bit of interest, a steady diet is just plain nauseating. Maybe Obama is ready to start using the 'bully pulpit' (as Teddy Roosevelt called the Presidency) and stop playing nice with the bullies. I certainly hope so. By the way, did you see that Bernie Sanders is sending out his Bernie's Buzz newsletter. I found out this morning with an e-mail thanking me for signing on the the letter.

I have to wonder where the Repthuglicans come up with their female candidates/office holders. First we had Sarah Palin. Then along came Michelle Bachmann. And now we find State Rep. Julia Hurley (R-TN). But then since she attributes her success, such as it is, to her time working at Hooters her bra size probably exceeds her IQ.

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